Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Tate!

Tate loves Curious George, so it was fitting to have a Curious George themed party for his 2nd Birthday!  
I had a lot of fun with the theme!  Fun colors, Tate's favorite foods, and we brought out all of our Curious George books, puzzles, & games!  I didn't realize we had quite a collection!
Tate was super excited!  I can't believe he is two already!!
Josh came up with the coolest balloon garland!
The kids really got into the Curious George coloring pages, and the "How to Draw Hundley" pages. (:
Even Uncle Kenton!
The proud puzzle makers.
Time for Presents!
He took his time opening each gift.
What a lucky boy to be surrounded by his brothers, his cousins, Aunts & Uncles, both sets of Grandparents, one set of Great Grandparents, and our friends, the Turanskis, who are like family to us!  Thank you everyone for being there and helping to make Tate's day so special!
Tate's gifts!
He quickly became attached to this basketball from the Turanskis and the bird call whistle from the Chases!   
Cake Time!
 (We had been practicing blowing out candles, so he knew just what to do....once we got the whistle our of his mouth.) (;
He started getting very sleepy at the end of the party!
We cuddled on the couch after all the guests left.  What a fun party!
Happy Birthday to you, our sweet Tate-O-Boy!!  We love you so very much!

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