Monday, January 7, 2013

Barn Party

October 27th~ This year's Barn Party was definitely a memorable one!  Erik came down for part of the weekend just to go to it. (:  And, there were some especially clever costumes!  I'm so glad the Schars continue to put it on each year...we always have a great time!

Rock Stars!  
(Tate is wearing the costume Ronan wore when he was 14 months old!)
We used Elmer's glue to spike Ronan's hair.
Josh got to work on Griffin's face paint...
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This is usually my one occasion each year to wear fake eyelashes. (:
The Dudes
Griffin made an awesome skeleton!
Ronan's buddy, Jaiden, was there too!
Cedar & Finn looking cool in their costumes.
Carolyn & baby Alma
Amy & baby Santi were there too!
Best costumes of the night, in my opinion!  Erik and Kenton came as Jesse & Walter White from one of our favorite shows: Breaking Bad. 
Tyler created a Minecraft-inspired costume.
Macey, the kitty cat (:
Princess Emma and Korbyn, the frog.
On the hay ride...
It was fun having you there, Uncle Erik!!

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