Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Griffin!

Griffin turned six years old on November 26th!  What a big kid!  He had a few requests for his birthday that were hard to resist.  The first one he asked straight to Josh and I knew he would have a hard time saying no. (; Griffin asked to go to "that one place we sometimes go to...what is it called...Hop I?"  We were confused, so he clarified, "You know the place that has breakfast". Oh!  IHOP! (:  Josh went in to work a little late so he could join in taking the birthday boy out for breakfast.
A new Avengers watch!
Happy Boy!
The smiles continued when he saw the cupcakes he got to bring to school!  How fun having a school day birthday!
Walking to school with Finley
Showing off his art work. (:
His classmates sang Happy Birthday to him in Spanish, and everyone loved the pirate cupcakes!
It was hard to do, but Griffin waited until Josh got home from work to open his presents from us.
He was SO excited about his OSU Beavers beanie!
 He was SO surprised and SO happy to get the Skylanders Giants video game!!
Happy Birthday, dear Griffin Roger!  We love you so very much and we are so proud of the boy you are!
Griffin asked to go to Kowloon for dinner, and we all agreed that it sounded good...especially after having a few turkey dinners and leftovers the past couple of days!  He even got a special piece of Sweet Life cake from the waiter!
Talking to Grammie on the phone. (:

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