Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Finn, Cohen, & Griffin's Party!

11/18/12~ The "Novemberist" birthdays continued with a combined party for Finley, Cohen, & Griffin!  These boys were SOOO excited to have their party together! (Their birthdays are all within 20 days of each other).  They chose to have it at Splash (the wave pool!) and it turned out to be tons of fun for everyone!
Becca decorated the cake (:
Finn and Cohen each had their "golden" birthdays this year!  Finn was 6 on the 6th  and Cohen was 7 on the 7th!  Griffin will turn 6 on the 26th. (:
I brought one of my favorite pictures of the three boys. (:
All of the cousins were there, and some friends too!
Great Grandpa & Grammie enjoyed watching the kids swim.
Ronan tried out the GoPro in the water.
Jon & Emma sitting in the waves.
Tate loved the slide!

Go, Griffin!
Happy Birthday, sweet boys!  We love you guys!
Make a wish!
Tate was eating his cake like a little doggy. Audrey thought it was pretty funny. (;
It's present time!
Cohen surrounded by his school buddies.
Big smiles from Finley!
Carter, Griffin, Eli, & Cal
I love Griffin's expressions!  He was so happy!
The Creagers
The mamas of the birthday boys
What a fun party!  Happy (early) Birthday, Griffin!

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