Friday, August 9, 2013

1st EVER cousin sleepover!

Aaron and Becca had plans to go to Portland for a bank party and asked if we could watch their kids overnight.  Our kids had been begging for a cousin sleepover, so they were thrilled when we said yes!  
Sadie and I started off with leftover Valentine cupcakes. (:
Then we took the kids bowling, and invited the Henry family to join us.
Tate's a blur (;
The Henrys also came over for dinner that night.
A late-night 3D movie after Tate was in bed
Getting all cozy in the attic
The boys were excited to share beds. (;
And Princess Sadie got a big bed all to herself. (:
We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, went to church, and then lunch at Memaw & Papa's afterward.
Sitting by the sunny window at Memaw's house

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