Friday, August 9, 2013

Ski Adventure

January 26, 2013~ EWEB planned a ski day at Hoodoo for employees and their families, and we decided to go!  The boys were really excited to ride in the charter bus, but we had to wake up super early! (Tate stayed home with Grammie & Grandpa) 
Ready for a fun day!
We signed Ronan and Griffin up for a couple hours of ski lessons, and Josh and I got to ski together!   We were so excited!  We hadn't been skiing just the two of us since before we were married.  
On the lift...and after a few really fun runs I had a fluke accident. ):  I fell hard at a pretty fast speed...on my side with my arm fully extended above my head.  Right away I knew that I hurt my shoulder, maybe dislocated it, but I got up and skied to where Josh was.  I told him that I was hurt and probably needed to go to the medical center.  I felt OK enough to ski the rest of the way down. (;  When we got to the ski patrol the doctor evaluated me and ruled out dislocation.  He said it was probably broken, but I would need an x-ray when got back to Eugene.  Since we had come on the ski bus with Josh's work I just had to hang out in the lodge for the rest of the day. ):  Josh continued skiing with the boys...and I was glad that they ended up having a great time!  I took a nap in the bus, then hung out with some of Josh's co-workers in the lodge.  They were all helpful and concerned for me, and one lady even bought me a drink. (:  
The boys had fun trying out the GoPro
That evening when we got home I went to Urgent Care for an x-ray.  My shoulder was indeed broken at the humeral head.  They put me in a splint with a sling and sent me home with some pain killers.  I had a terrible night of sleep--well, a couple bad nights...just couldn't get comfortable.  The only comfortable position ended up being sitting up on the couch or in bed with a bunch of pillows propping me up.  I got into Slocum a few days later and the doctor said that I could go without the splint and just keep my arm in the sling.  Since the fracture was in my shoulder capsule they couldn't cast it...and thankfully it was intact enough that I didn't need surgery!  But, wow, what a recovery!
As I'm writing this 6+ months later I am finally pain-free about 95% of the time!  But, it took up until now to feel that way.  I had a wonderful Dr. at Slocum and the best Physical Therapist, too!  I also had a ton of help at home...from Josh who took on so much with the kids and cleaning, and my friends who brought meals to us!  We were so blessed by the generosity of everyone!

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