Friday, August 9, 2013

Shoulder recovery begins..

 Tate had to be Mama's helper a little more lately!  Getting in & out of bed by himself and sitting on my lap more instead of being held. (; 
Josh and I had planned to go to the Winter Retreat with the HS group, but with my shoulder being hurt we decided to stay home.  My parents offered to keep the kiddos overnight anyway, so we got to go on a few dates!
 At the BV fundraiser, Subasta Latina
Ronan's class platter
Griffin & Finley's class platter (designed and painted by Katrina!). I bid on this one (my heart was racing--my first time bidding at an auction) and I got it!  I'm so glad we got to keep it in the family!
We got to sit with my friend, Sydney, and Brandon & Bethany Moniz also
 Date night at the Cornbread Cafe
 My parents brought dinner one night and we invited them to stay and eat with us. (:

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