Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve

We hosted dinner at our house on Christmas Eve and everyone pitched in to help.  Josh and Erik started making sushi at 3:00, and when the Henrys arrived around 5:00 Kenton took on frying up the tempura.  I made orange chicken and yakisoba noodles, and my mom brought egg rolls.  It all tasted great and we ate as much as we could--and still had leftovers.
The sushi & tempura chefs in action.  It was quite a production!

view of our fireplace, hearth, and shelves decorated for Christmas

The kids played upstairs most of the time!

me & Katrina
Becca & Aaron~ they joined us after their Christmas Eve gathering with Aaron's family
Papa worked at the hospital until 7pm that evening and got to our house right in time to start eating.
Katrina & Kenton
Becca (34), me (31), Katrina (28), and Erik (26)
We all got little gifts from the Hickman family (relatives in CA): handmade earrings for the girls and Starbucks gift cards for the guys. (:

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