Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Party

 Josh and I had been wanting to have an open house in our new home for awhile, so we finally set a date and started planning for it.  We decided on December 12th in hopes that it would be early enough in the month so that people wouldn't be too overwhelmed with holiday parties.  We had a great turnout--I think we had almost 60 adults and 27 kids there...not at the same time thankfully! (:  We hired a babysitter to hang out with the kids in the attic/bonus room, which worked out so great!!  It was so much fun having everyone over and getting to visit with so many people: family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.
(Jenn, Melissa, Barron, Eric & Jill)

  goofy guys-Aaron & Alan

Jill & I

 the "kid party"

Kelly, me & Becca

 me and my new friend, Kerry

Kelly & Lindsey

Papa, Paul & Sydney, Becca, and Katrina
newlyweds McKenzie & Tiffany

Kenton, Carolyn & Jesse

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