Friday, December 4, 2009

John's Birthday Party

October 17th~ Ronan's friend John turned 5 and he invited us over for a pumpkin patch party in his own backyard!  We love going over to the Turanski's house because it feels like you're on a little farm.  They have a big backyard with chickens and a huge garden, and they also have two bee hives on the roof of their house! 

Ronan worked really hard on his card for John.  It's been exciting for us to see his interest in writing grow this fall!

Kelly and Alan did a great job with John's party!  They hid pumpkins (from their garden) around their yard and each pumpkin had yarn tied to it.  Each kid got to search for a pumpkin by winding up their color of yarn until they found their pumpkin at the end of it.  I thought it was such a cute idea and the kids loved it!

All the kids with their pumpkins!
Ellie, John, Kaiser, Griffin, Ronan, Nick, Christian, and Eli
 The Birthday Boy!

gathering candy from the pumpkin pinata

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