Saturday, January 16, 2010

1st Lost Tooth!

Ronan lost his first tooth on December 20th, but that news didn't make it into my Christmas posts. (:  It was still pretty exciting though!  He had been working on wiggling this tooth for weeks until one day it was so loose that I could hardly stand it anymore.  I asked if I could just try one time to pull it out and if it didn't come out then I would let him do it.  He agreed and it came out so easily (& without tears)!  He was so excited about it!  Then I made the mistake of talking about the tooth fairy, which freaked him out so much that he still hasn't wanted to put his tooth under his pillow.  I tried to get him excited about getting money for his tooth, but he replied, "I'll just find money somewhere else."  He was also concerned about the tooth fairy taking his tooth, so we wrote a note to the tooth fairy asking if we could keep the tooth. (:  I wonder if/when he'll be ready to put it under his pillow. (:
(Sorry Erik for the details and pictures!  I know it grosses you out!)


 Then, the other day (1/11/10) we were at Memaw & Papa's house after school when all of a sudden we heard Ronan yelling for me.  I ran to see what was wrong (because it sounded like he was hurt or scared), and he said, "MOM!  I lost my other tooth!".  He was eating a piece of licorice and it pulled his tooth right out.  It wasn't even that loose.  Crazy.  And so much fun for a 5 year old!

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