Friday, January 8, 2010

this week

1/4/10~ Josh joined us for lunch on Monday and we decided to make the most of Ronan's last day of winter break by going to Chuck E. Cheese's!  The kids were so excited!  Every time we drive near that place Griffin says, "I see Chuck E. Cheese's.  Can you take me there?".  The answer is always "not this time, maybe another day", so this day it was fun to get to tell him that we were going to take him there! (:  It's so nice to go there early in the day when it isn't crowded (i.e. no birthday parties)!

 1/6/10~ I babysat Kelly's son, Eli, for a few hours and the boys had a great time together.  Eli came with us to take Ronan to school and he got so much attention from the library ladies. (:  He has such handsome eyes and kissable cheeks. (:
1/7/10~ Griffin and I were invited to the Green's house to play while Ronan was in school.  Ethan, Macey, and Emma have so many fun toys!!  Griffin loved playing "kitchen" and working on puzzles with his cousins.
 Emma loves her Aunt Gretchen (;
(She wanted me to hold her most of the time I was there, and I was happy to!  She's such a sweetie!)
  1/8/10~Katrina, Finn, and Cedar came over this morning to play for a few hours since Katrina had the day off.  They walked with us to take Ronan to school, then Finn & Griffin played together while Katrina & I visited.
working together on a dinosaur floor puzzle:

Cedar is on the move!
 "Can I go upstairs?"
1/8/10~ Ronan's friend, Ryan, came home from school with us today.  This was a first "new school friend" play date for Ronan and he was so excited about it!

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