Tuesday, January 19, 2010

gymnastics + a celebration

On Saturday, January 9th, Josh and I took the boys to the open gym at NAAG.  They love going there and it's been fun for us to see them (especially Griffin) become more confident in trying out the equipment!  They are both such determined & active boys, so this is a great place for them to focus their energy. (:

Ronan practiced & practiced crossing the monkey bars and the rings until he could go the whole way across.
Amy met us there with Ethan & Macey (Jon stayed home with Emma).  It was fun for the cousins to get to play together!
Ethan & Macey (in the background)
View from the balcony of all the kiddos jumping on the trampolines.
January 11th was the 34th anniversary of the day my parents moved from southern California to Oregon with baby Becca. (;  I love how my parents remember events like that and keep traditions going!  Every year on (or around) January 11th we go to Abby's Pizza for dinner because that was where they ate when they arrived to Winston back in 1976!
 The whole family--except for Erik.  It's not quite a big enough event for him to drive all the way from Seattle for. (:

The kids played video games and won little prizes. Ronan was excited about his Jolly Roger tattoos. 

After dinner our family rushed to go to Josh's basketball game.  He is on a city league team with some guys from EWEB, and they all decided to grow beards and call themselves the Bearded Dragons. (:  The boys and I had fun watching the game!

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