Thursday, June 16, 2011

four and a halfer

Our middle Griffin boy is four and a half and he is such a joy in our lives!!  He is so sweet and curious and precise in what he does & says.  He likes being a big brother and is very gentle and caring toward Tate.  He is also best buds with his big brother and absolutely loves playing with his cousins.  However, Griffin's favorite person in the world is Daddy, (: and he could very well turn out just like him!  Recently (with Josh's permission) Griffin used Josh's tools to take apart Ronan's skateboard--all by himself!  Another day he took one of the wheels off of his bike, and made macaroni & cheese with only a tiny bit of help.  He likes being independent!  Griffin is very creative and is good at figuring out how things work. 
We love you, Griffin Roger!!

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