Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tate- 6 months!

May 12th~ Six months old already! 
Tate can sit on his own now and is discovering all kinds of things from this new perspective!  He is interacting more with his big brothers and can "play" with toys now. (:  He loves all the attention he gets from Ronan & Griffin--he really lights up when he sees them and smiles & laughs when they play with him.  They are gentle  and protective of their baby brother.  
Although Tate is still itty bitty, he is growing steadily.  At his 6 month check-up he weighed 15lbs (only the 8th %ile) and was 26" long (20th %ile) (So much smaller than his big brothers were, but just perfect in his own way!) He wears 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.  During the appointment the doctor noticed that the range of motion in Tate's hips was asymmetrical and referred us to Oregon Imaging to rule out hip dysplasia.  The ultrasound showed that the bone structure of the hip was normal and the problem might just be muscle tightness. (Good news for sure!)

When I started posting these pictures I realized that Tate is wearing tie-dye in most of them. (:
Wearing his new 1/2 birthday tie-dyed shirt from Memaw ! (:
Tate's schedule is becoming more predictable, and most nights he is ready for bed around the same time as Ronan & Griffin (which is nice for Josh and I to have some evening time together again!).  Tate prefers taking naps in his crib--sometimes napping for two hours at a time, as opposed to the 20-40 min naps he gets when we are out of the house.  Either way, he wakes up happy and ready to play. 
Hand-me-down tie-dye from cousin Ethan, made by Memaw (:
I made this tie-dyed onesie for Tate while I was pregnant with him.
Tate loves to eat!  We are borrowing a high chair from the Greens, and Tate likes sitting in it and eating all kinds of baby food (fruits & veggies).  I put some Cheerios on the tray for the first time and this was his reaction:
He stared at them for awhile, then tried to grab them.  He couldn't figure out how to get them in his mouth, though.  Thankfully he has lots of helpers close by!
Cool new rockin' panda jammies from Memaw & Papa (:
Tate wants to play, too!

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