Thursday, June 2, 2011

Youth Fundraiser

May 14th~ Katrina and I hosted a table for the Happy Days Youth Silent Auction and Dinner that our church put on to raise money for the high schoolers going to Hume Lake summer camp.  It was a lot of fun!  We got most of our decorations from our wonderful Mom who has collected Coca-Cola and red, white, & black kitchen items over the years. (:
Here are some of the other tables:
And some of the awesome people who dressed for the occasion:
Sarah & Brian
Amy & Jon
Collin, Eric, Alexander, Cody, & Luke
Our table~ The Greens, Henrys, Turanskis, and Tate & me (Josh was helping run the show from the sound booth.)
Eric & Aaron did a great job co-hosting the event!
During dinner there was a talent show...
...and a real Elvis impersonator!
**The grand total raised that night was over $6,700 for the HS ministry!!

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