Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LaVelle Tour

June 9th~ Ronan's class went on one final field trip before the end of school to the beautiful LaVelle Vineyard.  Going to a winery may sound like an interesting choice for 1st graders, but it is owned by the family of one of Ronan's classmates, and they planned a special day for the kids.  They got to walk through the vineyard, learn about the process of making grape juice (& wine), and the kids each got to plant their own vine that they can watch grow over the years!  Mr. LaVelle told them that they were the first members of the LaVelle Vine Club, and their vines will start producing fruit by the time they graduate from Buena Vista. (:
Ronan planting his grape vine:
Maggie's dad, Matthew LaVelle, led the tour and helped each kid label their vine.
Griffin & Tate were good little field trip guests (:
It was a gorgeous day!!
These vines are 40 years old!
The vines to the right are five years old.
Barrels o' Vino
After the tour, Maggie's mom read a book to the kids and then we all enjoyed a delicious spaghetti lunch made by the LaVelle family!  It was such a treat!
(Silly boy likes his spaghetti plain & missed out on the amazing homemade sauce!)
brothers (:

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This sounds like an amazing field trip, how great!