Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baseball Camp, etc

7/8/13~ Ronan and Griffin went to the Jordan Kent baseball camp that was held at PK Park. This was Griffin's first ever camp experience!  I thought it was so sweet when we got there and Ronan said to Griffin, "Let's stick together". :)
In the dugout
The field where the Oregon Ducks and the Eugene Emerald baseball teams play.
One of the camp days was held at the Moshofsky Center!

While the big boys were at camp, Tate and I went on a hike at Skinner's Butte with the Moms of Grace group.  Tate got to play with Nathan and Owen Gunderson.
Playing at the top of the Butte.
Another afternoon that week we got invited to swim at the Eugene Swim & Tennis Club with one of Ronan's friends from camp.  It was a nice treat!

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