Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Flying to Colorado!

Pay no attention to the amount of luggage here!  Yikes!  We brought a tent, sleeping bags, and two car seats along with our regular luggage. 
Our "big" trip this summer was going to Colorado for a family reunion.  We went back and forth on whether to drive or fly or for just me to go or none of was a big decision.  It was a huge answer to prayer when Frontier Airlines had a deal on direct flights to Denver, it just seemed SO meant to be!  We jumped on it and made plans to fly--all five of us--for a five day vacation.  The boys were beyond excited to fly in an airplane, which was a first for Tate and the first time Griffin was old enough to remember. (;  
The pilot invited Tate into the cockpit (or flight deck, as my brother informed me)--pretty cool for a two year old!!
Tate and the big boys were superstar travelers!  
More posts to come of our awesome trip...

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