Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Anniversary Weekend!

On July 10, 2013 we celebrated 14 years of marriage!!  I can hardly believe we've been married that long!  Time has gone by so fast. (:  I'm so thankful for Josh and the caring, sweet, fun guy that he is!
Lunch Date
That evening we went to an Ems game because the boys got free tickets from their baseball camp.
Tate LOVES Sluggo, the Ems' mascot!
Pretty flowers from Josh (:
Our anniversary celebration continued that weekend.  Josh's parents took our kids camping at the coast and we got to stay home by ourselves for two nights!  It was such a lovely treat!  The kids had a blast with Grammie & Grandpa, and we enjoyed a quiet house and the freedom of going on several dates together!

Sushi at Izumi!
Skinner's Butte at night
We went for a run together...
Lunch at Cafe Lucky Noodle
We stopped at Vanilla Jills for a treat--I got a kombucha shake!
We made a delicious meal of grilled veggies, corn on the cob, and steak!
On Sunday we went to church, then drove to the coast to pick up the boys.  My aunt and uncle from California happened to be at the coast that weekend, too, so we visited them after getting the boys.
We got to hear all about their camping adventures and see their little handmade "shelters". (;
Tate was very cuddly--it was nice to be missed. :)

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