Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Spring Break!

I am determined to catch up on this blog before the end of the year!  It's been much more difficult for me to find time to sit down at the computer these days--and Instagram wins in how easy it is to post what we're up to on a more daily basis. (;  So, some of these posts will be more of a photo dump and not a whole lot of writing.
During Spring Break (2013) we went to the coast for a couple of days.  The boys always love staying in hotels, especially if there's a pool!
Our room had an oceanfront view!
Tate enjoyed exploring on the beach!

It was a little chilly, but not windy!  
I'm so thankful for my guys!
All five of us!

hand in hand
Ronan found a sea star!

We ate a delicious dinner at The Chowder Bowl

More beach time...
Tate-almost 2.5 years old
Pool Fun
We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium
Tate couldn't keep his eyes off the sharks!
I love the boys' smiles in this one. (:
Walking the jetty is always a must for these guys!

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