Saturday, March 29, 2014

September Birthdays

We went to Portland on September 28th to celebrate (Great) Grandma Ruddick's 80th Birthday!  The party was at Aunt Kris and Uncle Jeff's house.   
Aunt Kris always has gifts for the kids.  They had fun playing with bubbles out on the front deck.  The rain didn't bother us...much. ;)
Ronan and Dylan flying their toy airplanes.
Grandma was so thankful to have the whole family together!  She got emotional as we all sang Happy  Birthday to was very sweet :)
Our family (please ignore the red eyes!)
Tate warming up to Great Grandma :)
The original Ruddick family!  It's rare to have them all together, because Aunt Kathy lives in Virginia!  
After the party we went to Ikea--and of course had to eat dinner there, too!
Yummy!  (Although, I think the meatballs triggered a migraine for me.  It could have also been the craziness of having three kids at Ikea and then driving home in a torrential downpour. ;(  I thought my head was going to explode.)
On Sunday, September 29th, we went to Emma's 5th Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese's!  I only got a few pictures of the Birthday girl:
Such a sweetie!  We love you so much, Emma!
We know you will have lots of fun being 5!

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