Friday, March 28, 2014

Turanski's Property

Labor Day Weekend 2013~ We returned to the Turanskis property near Sweet Home after having such a great time there a couple of years ago (when I was pregnant with Tate).  Our boys, all five of them, were totally in their element!  Water, rocks, exploring, swimming---it was an awesome day!
They caught a bunch of crawdads!
We grilled burgers and hot dogs for lunch.
The water was low and fairly slow-moving, so we felt safe letting the kids float a little.  We all ended up getting in and floating to a deeper area where we could jump off rocks. 
These next several pictures were taken with the GoPro
The boys jumping off the rocks into the water...
Josh and Alan
Peer pressure!  Kelly convinced me to jump, too!
I survived and it was fun enough to try a few more times! :)
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