Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 months old!

Tate turned two months old on January 12th.  I keep finding myself saying that "he's getting big, but he's still so little". (:  He is so much smaller than Ronan & Griffin were when they were babies.

So Sweet & Peaceful
Tate is so alert now & aware of his big brothers.  He coos & talks & smiles a lot.

Tummy Time
He always gets lot of attention from his adoring cousins.
Here are all the pregnant mamas & newborns in our Moms of Grace group.
(Malia, Jeanette, & Lindsey are due in February)
Erin & baby Ismari, me & Tate, and Sheila & baby Owen
(Tate & Owen were born just one day apart)
At his 2 month checkup Tate weighed 10lbs even and was 22.5" long 
(14th percentile for weight and 35th percentile for height)
Still smiling after getting 5 immunizations ):
Trying out the "cradle hold" with the Moby Wrap
A blurry picture, but something I want to Josh is so gentle & patient with our boys, and how he likes to play his guitar & sing to them.
Our three surrounded by their special blankets made by Great Grandma Ruddick:

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