Saturday, February 26, 2011


On Wednesday, February 16th, Ronan's class put on a concert of Spanish songs that they have been learning.  They were accompanied by Senor Ricardo (Isabela's grandpa).  It was such a cute little performance!
(Ronan is in the center of the front row)
So proud of our big 1st grader!
Ronan with his buddy, Karsyn--the Sheldon student who helps in his class everyday.
Ronan's awesome teacher, Senorita Young.  
(They have matching hair) (:
Grammie & Grandpa came to watch, and Tate was very content sitting on Grandpa's lap during the whole performance. (:
Ronan wanted to show Karsyn how he can play Angry Birds on daddy's phone. (;
Griffin showing off his balloon trick:
Ronan & his good friend, Jaiden.
The kids had fun playing on the stage until it was time to leave.

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