Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting through January...

1/25/11~ January is not my favorite month, but we have tried to plan a few fun things and we're getting outside as much as possible.  Thankfully we have had some sunny days lately, which is great for all of us! 
Ronan is determined to master the (Chase's) pogo stick!
Griffin practicing baseball with Uncle Aaron
Tyler is the stilt master
 scooter boys
 Josh tried out the fire pit and let the boys roast hot dogs for dinner.
 Tate wearing his shoes from the Greens (:
1/27/11~ I know I keep posting pictures of Tate's smiles, but I just can't help myself (: 
 rosy cheeks
 Smiling at Griffin
 On January 27th, we all went to the new Matthew Knight Arena to watch a UO women's basketball game.  They lost badly to Stanford, but we didn't care. (:  We had fun just being there.
Tate did great the whole time
 Josh and the big  boys:
 a blurry one of Tate & me
 All five of us

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