Tuesday, February 15, 2011

3 months old

February 12th~ We sure are enjoying Tate's sweet & smiley personality these days!  He brings so much joy to our family!  The last three months have flown by, and I know that time will continue to do that...I'm trying to keep up with pictures & journaling so I can look back and remember these special moments.
  • Tate can sleep through the night, but he keeps me on my toes by sometimes choosing not to.  Even then, we are usually only up once during the night.  He's sleeping much better in the cradle now & not sleeping in the swing as often as he used to.
  • He sleeps and eats a lot throughout the day, sometimes taking his best nap late in the evening.
  • Ronan misses Tate while he's at school all day, and always wants to hold him right when he gets home.
  • Tate sure has his own look.  A lot of people say that he looks like Griffin.  We see a blend of both of our boys, but really see more Hecht resemblance at this point.
  I LOVE these sweet boys!

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