Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I heart...

For Valentine's Day, Josh and I planned a lunch date for us and an evening at home to celebrate with our boys.  (Tate was with us for lunch, but Ronan was at school and Griffin got to go to Memaw & Papa's house after preschool.)  We ate at Marche Provisions and had a nice, relaxing time with yummy food & dessert and good conversation.  After lunch I went to Ronan's class to help out with his Valentine party.
 Earlier that day I baked a cake, and then for dinner I made fettuccine alfredo and cooked a heart-shaped pizza (from Papa Murphy's).  Ronan helped set the table and made Valentine cards for Josh & me.  We lit candles and turned the lights off--and the boys waited by the door to surprise Daddy when he got home. (:  It was cute seeing them get involved in making the day special. 
a cherry chip cake with chocolate frosting (:
 Photo by Ronan
 We finished off the evening with a dance party in the living room.  Josh brought out a cool laser light thing and Ronan & Griffin loved it!  Josh took these pictures of the boys laying in the light & trying to break dance. (:

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