Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Break

On the evening of February 9th Tate fell off the couch and hurt his right arm. ):  When I picked him up I knew something was wrong because of the way he was holding his arm.  At first I thought he had dislocated his shoulder, but then Josh and I saw that his wrist/arm looked swollen and kind of bent.  Ugh...not again!!  Ronan had fallen off a chair at that age and broke his arm (Josh also broke his arm around the same age by falling off a small chair!?!).  I was really hoping that Tate's arm would be fine.  I took him to Urgent Care for an x-ray and found out that he did indeed have a greenstick fracture. ):  He was such a trooper!  He didn't cry at all the whole time we were there, and even seemed to enjoy getting his cast on a few days later.  I'm so glad he handled it all so well and didn't seem to be in any pain!   
Cutest little sling--thankfully he only had to wear it while waiting for the splint to harden!
We went to our pediatrician on Feb.13th to get a hard cast put on.  It ended up falling off a few hours later, so we had to go in the next day for another cast.  That one was just right and stayed on for 3 weeks. (:
When his cast fell off I was so glad that I had kept the original splint!  We just wrapped his arm until we went back to the doctor.
Still such a happy boy!
Tate had some special visitors (:
Above: "Auntie" Kelly and her sister Sarah
Below: Grammie & Grandpa brought Tate a huge bear balloon!  He LOVES balloons (: 
His arm didn't slow him down much!  He still wanted to climb and play and  move like normal.
We found Ronan's old cast, and then Griffin wanted me to wrap his arm like Tate's (Griffin was feeling a little left out because he hasn't broken a bone before.  Then I reminded him that he's the only one that has had stitches...and that made him feel better.) (:  
comparing casts

Just trying it out...
Tate sportin' his new tight-fitting cast.

Tate pointing to his arm when I asked, "Where's your owie?"

Play ball?
Great Grammie & Grandpa "Lovey Dovey" came by for a visit
Grandpa was tickling & "getting" the kids, so they got a little hyped up.(:  Tate got into it, too.
Ronan & Griffin were hiding from Grandpa and Tate liked finding them and trying to wrestle (which basically means sitting on them). 
Griffin is such a good sport (: (:

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