Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beginning of March

A rare sight: Tate fell asleep drinking his milk one day. (:    
Tate wanted to wear my apron--haha, so cute! 
3/2~We had the Turanski family over for dinner and I made lasagna, artisan bread, salad, & lava cakes for dessert.  We really enjoyed eating together and visiting late into the evening.  
Ronan has been improving so much this year with reading in Spanish!
Aaron's sister & brother-in-law were down for the weekend and they stopped by so we could see their adorable baby!
Sweet baby Santiago ("Santi") (:
Santi likes his Uncle Aaron
The kids all love playing with Paco
Tate rediscovered his super cool race car (from the Turanskis).  He likes getting pulled around the house in it (:
A few days before getting his cast off, we decided to see if Tate would hold still long enough for people to sign it.  (:  I think he thought it was pretty cool.
These three like to cuddle on the couch in the mornings.
Daddy is so much fun!

Ruddick & Sons Circus Act
Tate got his cast off on March 7th!  Hooray!  He sat perfectly still while Dr. Miller cut it off...he didn't cry or seem scared at all, and that saw was pretty loud!  He looks concerned in the picture below, but he did great. I'm sure his arm felt funny (itchy & sensitive) afterward.
Time for a nice long bath (:
(His arm looked a little bent to me still...but it was all healed and ready for normal activity.)

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