Monday, March 26, 2012

Snow Day!

We were SO surprised to wake up to an amazing snowy wonderland on Wednesday, March 21st--the day after the 1st day of Spring!  We got up to seven inches of snow, which is just crazy for Eugene!  School was cancelled and Josh took the morning off work to play in the snow with the kids. (:  It was great!
Happy little snow bunnies...or monkey & lion (:
I was able to locate almost all of our snow gear, but I could only find one boot of each set in Tate's size.  He didn't seem to notice...and his feet stayed nice & warm. (:
It was so great having cousins right next door to play with!
I love Griffin's action in these pictures.
Josh and all the kids (and Becca, too) worked on building an igloo! (I was in and out of the house with Tate most of the day, but I came out to take pictures of the finished product.)
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Tate (16 months) all bundled up after getting the first snowsuit wet.
I got to try out the igloo, too! 
Becca, Sadie, me, & Tate

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