Thursday, March 22, 2012

Venezuela Project

March 8th was a big school day for Ronan!  His assignment (a few weeks before) was to do a research project on a Latin American country (write facts about the country), make a mobile showing some interesting things about the country, and then do a presentation in front of the class (in Spanish)!  He chose to do his project on Venezuela, because Josh had traveled there before, and we all worked together to do the research and translate it into Spanish.  (Thank goodness for Google Translate) (:
So on the day of his presentation, we had quite a group gathered to watch.  Memaw & Papa (with Finn, Cedar, & Cohen), Grammie, and Josh & me with Griffin & Tate.  
Waiting in the hall for Ronan's turn...
Ronan introduced each of us to his class, then started on his presentation.  I was so proud of my boy!!  He did a great job.  He spoke clearly and confidently, and hardly seemed nervous (even though I know he was).  
Describing his mobile...
Answering questions from his classmates...
Afterward, he was SO happy to be done with it!!  You could tell it had been burdening him...poor guy!  He had requested to be one of the last presenters, and then later on he told me that next time he wanted to go first so he wouldn't have to be nervous waiting for his turn. (:  (I can totally relate!)

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