Thursday, May 24, 2012

Field Trip

On April 26th I went with Ronan on the 2nd grade field trip to Woodburn (to the Spanish-speaking community, not the outlet mall). 
The kids were divided into groups and were given a list of businesses to visit, like a tortilla factory, a bakery, and a restaurant.  They got to pretend to be reporters and interview the employees in Spanish.  They also had to order their food at the restaurant all in Spanish. (:  It was a lot of fun!
Ronan is ready with his interview questions at the Tortilleria
I bought some of the giant tortillas and also ordered tamales from the restaurant to have for dinner that night.
It really felt like we were in Mexico, even though it was just a few blocks of the city.
Ronan inside the restaurant getting ready to order his food.
He ate and LIKED his chicken tacos, which was a big deal for our boy!
Crazy boots!
Giant pinatas!
The kids got to choose a treat at the bakery!
We went back to the tortilla factory after lunch so the kids could try a fresh tortilla right off the  track.
Such a fun day with my big boy!

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