Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fiesta Cultural

Best buds, Jaiden & Ronan, being goofy before the Fiesta started.
This is a big event for Buena Vista every year!  (Josh and Amy even danced in the Fiesta back when they were students at BV, so it's been a tradition for more than 25 years!). (:  The kids work hard to learn the songs and dances--they all did an amazing job!
Cohen's class (including Marcus Koh and Henry Stubbery)
Ronan's class is wearing black tank tops, and Ronan is wearing a yellow bandanna.
Sadie's class
Go, Sadie!
Sadie's class
Ronan in ready position. (:  We were so proud of our boy!  He danced SO well!
Isabela was his partner
Ta Da!
Ronan's class
Just a view of the whole group...with the 5th graders dancing.
The guys (Griffin had a game right before the fiesta)
Kelly babysat Tate for us!
Ronan & Memaw
Ronan with his truly wonderful teacher, Sra. Long
Big smile caught by Josh

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