Thursday, May 24, 2012

Subbing at GCP

Amy and I subbed together in the pre-kindergarten classroom at Grace Community Preschool for a few days in April.  We had a lot of fun teaching together again (like we used to at EEP years ago)!  I felt a little "rusty" the first day, but by the 2nd and 3rd day I got more into the teaching groove again.  I was surprised at how tired I was after class each day!  It's hard to believe I used to do that full time (and with much tougher kids!).  This class is full of bright, sweet, & compliant kids---it was a joy to work with them!  (I especially liked getting to spend time with Griffin and my nephews, Ethan & Finn, and my niece, Macey!  (It's been such a special thing for them all to be in preschool together this year!)
During one of the days, GCP had a special guest come to teach the kids about music! I think the kids really liked getting to try out different instruments. (: 
Finley volunteered to help come up with a beat to play.
The kids were VERY excited to try out the new playground that had recently been installed!

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