Thursday, May 24, 2012

Youth Fiesta

Our high school band led worship in "big church" on Sunday, May 6th.  They did an awesome job!
From the left: Gwyn, Luke, Jason, Alexander, & Brady 
That night we had a silent auction/dinner/talent show to raise money for the upcoming trip to Hume Lake summer camp.  Lindsey & I hosted a table (above), and Josh manned the sound booth for the talent show.
Silent Auction
Eric introducing the mariachi band: Luke, Alexander, & Brady
Jason, Aaron, & Eric performed as the Three Amigos
Some of the acts:
Brittany introducing the funniest skit of the night!
The premise was that Aaron & Emi were on their first date after meeting on "",  but  the audience didn't know that Aaron Hayman & Brittany were hiding behind them being their hands...while they ate chips & salsa, and dessert, and Emi put lipstick was pretty funny!
Aaron & Emi were such good sports!
Overall it was a really fun night and a very successful event, raising over $7,000 for the youth ministry!

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