Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Griffin's 1/2 B-Day

Griffin turned five and a half on May 26th!  We got him a few summer-type gifts since he doesn't usually get gifts like that for his late fall birthday.
The ant hill was a huge hit!  He was so excited and kept saying things like, "You knew I liked ants!  That's why you gave me an ant hill!" and "I love my ant hill!".
Griffin making a silly face while Daddy helped fill the ant hill.
A cool new basketball shirt (and an Angry Birds kite-not pictured)/
These two are fun to watch interact. (:  In this picture Griffin was playing a game on my phone... and getting frustrated with it.  (Tate really notices when his brothers are hurt or sad, and he likes to comfort them. ) Tate put his arm around him & hugged him & patted his back.  
 They like to snuggle on the couch, too. (:

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