Friday, September 10, 2010

1st Grade!

September 8th~ Here is Ronan on his first day of first grade!  What a big day!
We parked at my parents house (because they live right by the school) and then walked hand-in-hand the rest of the way.  I could tell that we were both a little nervous. (:  I got most of my crying out of the way the day before, so thankfully I was actually able to get through the morning without too many tears.  It was very strange for me to think of my little boy being away for 6 hours a day...five days a week!  It seemed like such a big step and I was feeling pretty emotional about it.  The thing that helped so much was that Ronan was excited about going and appeared to have more confidence than he did a year ago when he started kindergarten.
Ronan in front of his new school: Buena Vista Spanish Immersion School--the same school that Daddy (& Aunt Amy) went to!
As we walked down the hall we stopped to say hi to cousins Tyler and Sadie as they were heading into their classrooms. (:
Tyler ready for 5th grade!
Sadie is a big 2nd grader!
We made our way into Ronan's classroom and helped him find his seat...right next to his friend Vanessa  from kindergarten!
We were so proud of our big boy! 
One last picture of Ronan's class and his teacher, Senorita Young, as we headed out the door.

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Jodee said...

oh my goodness! I want my kids to go there! I wonder if any of the same teachers are still there... That must be so strange for Josh to have his kids go to the same school.