Monday, September 13, 2010

Bridge Dedication

On Saturday, September 11th, we went to a celebration of the completion of the new bicycle and pedestrian bridge near Delta Ponds.  Amy told us about it and invited us to come because Brian Slater was going to be doing a stunt at the event!
Brian and his fiance, Sarah, before the big jump.
Their wedding is just two weeks away!
In this picture, Josh's dad is walking toward Brian and the stunt car.  You can see from the back of his shirt that he is Brian's best man in the wedding. (:
A test drive up the ramp before the jump.
He jumped over two trailers and crashed into two.
Safe & Sound!
Afterward we got to see the car up close and talk to Brian.
Not too much damage other than the windshield.
We continued on to the celebration where they had food, games, and activities set up for the kids.
And finally, we walked along the (almost finished) bridge. They are still finishing up work on the railings and light fixtures:
Delta Ponds

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