Friday, September 10, 2010

A peek at Tate

August 31st~ I had an appointment at Maternal Fetal Medicine to check on baby Tate's growth.  My mom was able to come with us, and the ultrasound technician really took her time and got lots of extra pictures for Memaw to take home. (:
Tate's profile:
We got to see some great view of his face and the technician was able to switch over to 3-D to get these pictures (28 weeks in utero):
We were excited to hear that in one month Tate had grown from the 18th percentile to the 30th percentile!  The Dr. is still keeping his eye on a few minor things, but overall he was pleased with the results and optimistic about the rest of the pregnancy.

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Terra said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful mama. Look forward to meeting Tate someday!