Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lydia!

Our niece, Lydia, turned 8 years old on August 21st and we all got together a week later at Grammie & Grandpa's house to celebrate her special day!  
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!
Erin & Lydia
Ronan was underneath sticking his fingers through the hole in the table, and Griffin, Macey, & Ethan thought it was pretty funny to try to grab him. (: 
Grammie made several yummy pizzas and we all enjoyed a picnic in their backyard.
Josh, Grandpa, Uncle Jon, and Great Grandpa relaxing together
the cute birthday girl & her cake
Silly Emma entertaining her cousins and uncle. (:
Ronan made a special card for Lydia
It was fun shopping for colorful, sparkly clothes for Lydia!
Lydia & Audrey put on a "skit" for us--funny girls!
Emma got in on the dressing-up fun!
This is the bench that we (The Greens, Erin, & us) gave to Mom & Dad for their 40th wedding anniversary!
28 weeks pregnant

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