Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun at the Fair

On Sunday, August 22nd, we went to the Lane County Fair after church.  My mom came with us, which was a lot of fun!  My dad unfortunately had to work that day, and my sisters and their families were out of town that weekend.  It was fun for our boys (well, all of us) to have a special day with Memaw!  We also got to meet up for lunch with Josh's parents and his sister, Amy, and her family.
Yummy fair food (:
me and my mom
After I took this picture I realized that Emma was peeking out from the stroller just perfectly to capture everyone in the group!  Good job, Emma! (:
Ronan and Griffin were excited to go on the rides, and seemed content with only going on a few! (:  Griffin was so much more brave on the rides this year as compared to last year.
Getting ready to ride a "big" roller coaster:
This one actually scared Ronan a little because it was really loud and had a good-sized dip.  Griffin was all smiles and even raised his hands up when he saw other kids doing that. (:
Their favorite ride:
Memaw let them each choose a treat, and of course they chose cotton candy! (:
Next we walked through the barns and saw the animals.
As we were getting ready to leave, Joan Jett started playing!
We stayed and listened to a few songs. (:  It was funny...Ronan recognized one of the songs (Bad Reputation) because it's on Shrek. (:
This picture was taken a few days before.  My parents had just gotten home from a trip to Hawaii and brought over souveniers for us!  The ukulele was something my dad bought as his souvenier (: but he let the kids try it out.

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