Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Every year we try to make it to the Eugene Celebration Parade if we are in town for it.  It's a fun tradition--my parents have been enjoying the Eugene Celebration every year since moving to Eugene in 1989!  This year we met up with the Henry family, their friends, Carolyn & Jesse, and my parents.  (Thanks Williams' for saving seats for us!!)
Finn enjoying his not-so-hot chocolate (:
It's not your typical parade by any means, but it's always entertaining. (:
The Slug Queen
Ronan & Cedar playing together-- too bad my camera strap got in the pic :(
The Henry Fam
Ronan, Griffin, and Finley's favorite part was definitely the Star Wars guys!
Most of our group:
Someone in the parade handed a star balloon to Griffin and he was very excited about it!  We tied it to his backpack and you could tell he felt pretty proud walking to the car with it like that.

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