Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camping at Waldo Lake, cont'd.

We woke up after our first night of camping and the boys were anxious to take the canoe out!  We ate breakfast and lathered up with sunscreen & bug spray, then headed out.
I'm so glad we were able to bring the canoe (Thank you, Memaw & Papa!)!  Waldo Lake is so clear and beautiful!  We really had fun exploring and floating around the lake.
The four of us:
Pretty Views:
We parked the canoe at an island that had shallow water all around it.  We saw some baby birds, dragonflies, and frogs!
 bright blue dragonflies:
a frog!
Ronan took a turn rowing:
We could see the shadow of the boat on the bottom of the lake--40 feet below!
The Creager Cousins: Dylan, Lydia, & Audrey
Uncle Josh had fun taking groups of kids out in the canoe.
Ronan & Griffin are sitting on the ends and the three cousins are in the middle: (:
Griffin & Daddy


Jodee said...

such a beautiful place! great pictures!

Jodee said...

such a pretty place! beautiful pictures!