Friday, September 3, 2010


Ronan and Griffin went to their first ever Vacation Bible School at our church during the week of August 2nd-6th!  They both had so much fun, especially because they got to be there with their cousins!  Griffin, Cohen, and Finn were all in the same class!  They did fun crafts (thanks to Aunt Amy!), had yummy snacks, and learned some great stories and songs.  At the end of the week they put on a performance for the families--and it was the first time that either of our boys had ever been on the big church stage to sing!  We were so proud of them!
Griffin walking in with his class:
You can see Finn, Griffin, and Cohen sitting as close as they can to each other. (:
We were so proud of Griffin for even being on stage!  He kept a very serious expression on his face the whole time and didn't sing or do any hand motions until the very last song.  You could tell that he was way out of his comfort zone (thankfully he was surrounded by his "posse").
Ronan is in the back row wearing a brown shirt with orange drums on it.  He was so cute to watch!  He did all the motions and sang his little heart out! 
Macey and Ethan are right behind Griffin in this picture:
Griffin exiting hand-in-hand with Cohen and Finley.
Proud daddy with his sons:
Ronan & Sadie
Ronan & Tyler

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