Thursday, September 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kenton!

August 3rd~ Katrina & Kenton invited friends and family over for a BBQ to celebrate Kenton's 29th Birthday!  They have such a great yard (mini-farm!) with plenty of space for the kids to play & explore.  It was a fun evening!
Finn, Macey, & Ethan
Griff, Cohen, Sadie, & Macey squished together on a bench.
We all gathered around to watch Kenton open his presents.  He is a fun one to shop for because he always gets SO excited about his presents. (: 
We got him a hat like Russell wore on Survivor--Kenton can totally pull off the look!
Legos from the Chases!
Cedar sneaking bites of dessert. (:
Emma eating her cake (:
the chicken coop
the growing garden

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