Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Barn Party

October 22nd~ We got all dressed up and ready to go to the annual barn party at the Schar's house, which is always a highlight of Halloween-time for our boys!  
Josh helped transform Griffin into a vampire!
scary face
sweet face (:
Vampire Griffin, Ronan as a samurai, and Tate as a dragon.
Serious Samurai
The boys convinced me to wear this How To Train Your Dragon costume that was too big for Ronan (but sort of fit me) (;  
James Bond
We stopped by Grammie & Grandpa's house to show them our costumes and trick-or-treat a little early, because they were going  to be on a cruise during Halloween!
It's always fun to ride the bus from the church to the barn!  We got there at the same time as the Henry family!
*Photo borrowed from Katrina's blog
Finley-a knight, Katrina & Kenton are rockers, and Cedar is Superman!
Macey is a kitty, Ethan is Spider-man, and Emma is a princess!
Smurfette Sadie (:
Tyler was dressed as a character from his favorite video game. (:
Griffin & Cohen are vampire buddies 
Tate's first hay ride!!
Cute cousin interaction (;
Aaron in his swimwear (:

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