Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Preschool Performance, etc.

On Oct. 25th, Grace Community Preschool put on a fall concert.  It was very sweet and always fun to see our boy on stage (and his cousins, too)!  We can tell that Griffin has grown in his confidence since being in preschool.  We loved seeing him smiling, singing, and doing the motions to the songs--it really looked like he was having fun!
It was nice that Macey, Ethan, Griffin, & Finn got to stand next to each other!  It makes picture-taking a little easier (:  
Griffin & Miss Janelle
The whole family with our star performer (;

Here are some random pictures from life at home lately:
Griffin's school work
Griffin is writing his name so well now!
Ronan's artwork
Griffin's artwork
Sweet cuddles with Daddy
Mama's little helper (;
Tate hanging out with Ronan
(Ronan is zoned-out and Tate is sleepy--I didn't let this go on  much longer, but it was a cute photo opp)

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