Friday, December 23, 2011

Class Party

I volunteered to help with Ronan's class party on Dec. 14th, and I could smell the sugar when I walked in the room! (:  They got to make gingerbread houses using all kinds of fun candy!
Senor Ricardo comes once a week to sing Spanish songs with the 2nd graders.
Getting started...
It was a sticky project, but all the kids loved it!
The final product!
Sra. Long leading the kids in their goodbye song.
I knitted coffee cozies for the boys' teachers this year and gave them each gift cards to Dutch Bros.  
When I asked Ronan if his teacher liked coffee, he said, "Well, she drinks something out of a green bottle.  I think it's wine." (;  I said, "Hmm, it might be sparkling water or something like that." and he said, "I don't know, but she likes wine." When I asked Griffin what his teacher would like for Christmas, he thought for a long time then said, "Lipstick". (:

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