Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread Night

Every year our church hosts a Family Gingerbread Decorating night, and this was our first year to attend.  We invited the Whipple family (Ronan's best buddy from school) and we all had a great time working together on our gingerbread house!  At first we didn't realize that it was a competition, including several categories, judges, prizes & all!
The Henrys and the Martins went right to work creating their gingerbread houses.
It took us awhile to decide on what to do...
The Martins
The Henry's gingerbread house...I think they got 2nd place (:
Tate was going crazy trying to get to the candy, so I found some raisins for him to eat. (:
Our finished product!  We won 1st prize in the Traditional category!
These ones were made by kids 5 & under...
Some other cool ones...
This was my favorite!  The Wuebbles family made it.

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